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1882 Princeton Ave
Atlanta, GA 30337

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City of College Park, Georgia
Distance: 0.1 mi Competitive Analysis
3667 Main St
College Park, GA 30337

(404) 767-1537

The City of College Park is home to the world's busiest airport, FAA, Chic-fil-a headquarters, and Woodward Acedemy - the largest independent private school in the nation. College Park, Georgia is a city of planes, trains, and automobiles with Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, CSX, and numerous car rental facilities within our city limits. College Park is Georgia's global city and a true air transportation gateway - "The Future of Business in Georgia". For more information, please visit

Education Near Reveille2Resource

Money Smart Clubs
Distance: 0.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3707 Main St, Ste 23
Atlanta, GA 30337

(678) 653-5345

Imagine the productivity and energy of friends and family sharing what they know, seeking out information, putting their heads together to solve problems and motivating each other to move forward. That's the power behind Money Smart Clubs®! The club meetings are an incredibly successful way for you to work towards and achieve your dreams of prosperity for you and your family, and support each other on your journey. Money Smart Clubs® are focused on the family as a whole as we seek to empower parents to raise “money smart” kids, and connect them to the support and resources needed to do so. So while the parents are meeting-up, in most cases so are their children as we have Money Smart Kids & Teens Clubs as well. There are over 30 money zones for the parent meetings with complementary zones for their kids & teens that include learning exercises, engaging activities and challenges. Club meetings for parents, kids and teens will be held throughout Greater Atlanta starting in August of 2014. Please check our website, social media platforms and join us on Meetup for club meeting and event dates and updates. Money Smart Clubs® is a program of Urban Asset Builders, Inc. and is made possible by the programming support of the Women's Institute for Financial Literacy, a partnership with the Community Foundation for Financial Literacy, and by a generous programming grant from COUNTRY Financial. Follow us:

The BridgeAcademy
Distance: 0.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3707 Main St
College Park, GA 30337

(770) 961-5421

The Bridge Academy (TBA) offers a nontraditional environment for students, 16-24 years old, who struggle academically in traditional public school and are off-track to graduation, of which, some have already dropped out. TBA is a successful Christian-principled youth development organization, focused on Academics, Leadership/Character & Career Development, ultimately leading its students and alumni to post-secondary education/certifications and sustainable employment.

Safe Zone Defenses
Distance: 0.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3707 Main St, Ste 29
Atlanta, GA 30337

(404) 410-2383

Safe Zone Defenses is a Veteran Owned business dedicated to teaching and helping people learn firearm safety, self protection, and grow to enjoy shooting sports! Our Facebook page will announce future classes, show past classes, pictures and events. The goal of Safe Zone Defenses is to educate and train citizens about firearm safety, marksmanship and home defense.

IFE Academy - Inspiring Future Educators
Distance: 0.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3707 Main St, Ste 5
Atlanta, GA 30337

(404) 981-3415

This is a gathering place for students, parents and friends of the IFE Academy to communicate with the IFE Board members as we prepare to petition the state to allows us to create a charter dream school in Atlanta. Here we’ll talk about our plans for the school and our visions for innovative education and you can post your suggestions, questions and letters of support. Let's talk about what students can accomplish when given the freedom of choice and the holistic support of a community school. How far we go depends on you.

The Golden Belly
Distance: 0.3 mi Competitive Analysis
South Atlanta
Atlanta, GA

Bless Education USA & Mannakulathil Institute Kerala
Distance: 0.3 mi Competitive Analysis
3701 Atlanta Hwy, No 6
Atlanta, GA 30607

+91 9600409380

Bless Education Group was established in 1999 in Atlanta, USA. We have offices worldwide. Our group has successfully helped students for further education and placed thousands of candidates in various employments in USA, Canada, U.K, Ireland, Australia, Middle East, West Indies, etc. We have a strong track record in employment and education. In 1999 there was a shortage of medical and other professions in the US and we started the company in order to help the U.S staffing shortage. We enabled to help during the shortage crisis in European countries (England, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.) with their shortage of employees during the period of 2000-2006. Our group now provides candidates to Middle Eastern countries like Bahrain, Dubai, and Qatar. Our employees have become a vital part of the national health services and care Organizations because of their excellent proficiency.With ten long years in the recruitment fray,Bless Education Group has come a long way taking people to their dream destinations. As per the latest figures, we have crossed 10,000 mark. Our success rate has always been enviable over the years, and now we are engaged fully in giving consultancy services to students too. Our Employment Group We understand that the current situations in various countries need restructuring and reformation in different sectors such as health, engineering, education, etc. We have the resources to provide the necessary qualified professionals in the required fields such as medical, engineering, and other needed sectors to develop the regions. We will be able to provide qualified professionals as required from various countries as per the need. Our Education Group We are working together with many reputed universities and colleges worldwide in the USA, Canada, U.K, Australia, etc. We provide further education in the medical field, engineering, and from high school to the PHD level. We provide initial transport, housing, and help them look for part time employment, etc. Our Services Airport pick up, initial transportation and accommodation, support to get national insurance number, opening bank account, general practitioner appointments, assistance to obtain part time or full time work permit, 24 hours help line from local offices as per their need,,etc.

2nd Hope Early Learning
Distance: 0.5 mi Competitive Analysis
5670 Old National Hwy
College Park, GA 30349

(678) 790-2445

Here at 2nd Hope Early Learning we understand that each child’s experience and outlook on life is different. Each child learns at different levels. This is the reason we firmly believe that one style of learning only limits a Childs ability to learn. 2nd Hopes offer a wide variety of learning styles. Such as, Spatial (visual), Aural (auditory-musical), Verbal (linguistic), Physical (kinesthetic), Logical (mathematical), Social (interpersonal), and Solitary (intrapersonal). We use all the resources available to us to build our lessons. 2nd Hope staff uses a collection of philosophers to learn unique ways to teach and present information to children. We believe that every child needs structure. Our teachers use observation and interaction with each child to learn their individual needs and characteristics. Therefore, we are able to better care for that individual child. We respect each child and their culture, as we do each other. We use positive reinforcement, as well as redirection. 2nd hope believes in providing healthy fun meals to children to aid in their physical development. As well as fun exercise and play. We keep our facility clean, safe and full of fun and love to stimulate the creative being in each child. Which we believe stimulates their cognitive development. Working together in partnership with our parents we provide a healthy emotionally stable environment. That also helps to promote emotional development.

The Learning Nest Child Care, LLC
Distance: 0.5 mi Competitive Analysis
The Learning Nest Child Care, LLC
College Park, GA 30349

(404) 766-2552

At The Learning Nest we offer a nurturing, educational program for infants to school aged children in a personable, intimate setting. Our goal is to provide high quality child care by creating a structured, safe, healthy, and caring atmosphere that promotes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of your child. We will work with parents to help our children grow into happy and healthy life-long learners. Children of all ages will thrive in our play-based program! From infancy through the Preschool years we celebrate children's individuality, nurture their healthy development, and prepare them for success in kindergarten.

Kind Kare Daycare
Distance: 0.6 mi Competitive Analysis
Camp Creek Parkway/ Enon Rd
Atlanta, GA 30349

(770) 892-1002

Woodward Academy Parents of Alumni Community
Distance: 0.7 mi Competitive Analysis
1662 Rugby Ave
Atlanta, GA 30337

(404) 765-4038

Based on the sense of community that parents shared with fellow parents and with faculty during their students’ years at Woodward, the Council will provide a venue for parents of alumni to continue to feel part of the ongoing activities of the School community. Parents of alumni are valuable resources of professional achievement, business expertise, artistic talent, and athletic skills and are great friends of the school. Through active involvement with the School, parents of alumni can contribute in significant ways to the lives of Woodward alumni and present students. You are automatically a member once your child has need for applications or registration with our group!

Woodward Academy Summer Camps
Distance: 0.8 mi Competitive Analysis
1662 Rugby Avenue (Main Campus in College Park) / 6565 Boles Rd (North Campus in Johns Creek)
Atlanta, GA 30337

(404) 765-4400

Every summer, Woodward Academy is filled with aspiring scholars, artists, athletes, explorers and performers. With more than 100 camp offerings on two campuses, the Woodward Academy Summer Camps Program provides a wide range of offerings to children throughout the metro Atlanta area. All camps are open to the public (unless noted otherwise).

Miss Brencie's Swim School
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
2003 Lyle Ave
College Park, GA 30337

(404) 822-5508

Swimming can be frightening for some. Each lesson will be consistent, calm and methodical. There will be no surprises but guided steps will be taken each lesson to achieve our goal of learned survival skills. Reaching our goal will prove to be a confidence and character builder that will transfer to other areas of your childrens lives. Technique is taught through games and examples. Children look forward to these lessons and learning new things. They thrive on the challenge and the pride they feel gaining new knowledge. However, safety is always key and will continuously be the common theme of each lesson.

Tiny Hands & Feet
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
Camp Creek Pkwy
Atlanta, GA 30337

(404) 710-2417

Third Grade Brigade
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
123 Creative Lane
Atlanta, GA 30344

(404) 362-3855

The Main Street Academy Band
Distance: 1.2 mi Competitive Analysis
2861 Lake Shore Dr
College Park, GA 30337

The Main Street Academy Band page is another form of communication to keep you informed of what's going on with your students at TMSA. This page will be used to inform parents of class activities, parent meetings, rehearsal times, performances and events. Here you will be able to view videos and photos of our talented musical students.

K&L Solutions
Distance: 1.3 mi Competitive Analysis
1346 Eubanks Ave
Atlanta, GA 30344

(404) 805-5652

Amazing Young Minds
Distance: 1.4 mi Competitive Analysis
PO Box 1171
Atlanta, GA 30303

Amazing Young Minds was founded on the premise that all students, regardless of their social status, deserves access to a world-class education. The program was established in 2006 as a tutoring and Summer program. The program quickly expanded into a movement that focused on best practices for year-round, quality educational programs. The organization merges innovation with a relationship-centric model to drive success. As advocates for educational options, we provide options and services for parents and students seeking a personalized education in a year-round format.