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Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas Reviews

3720 S Las Vegas Blvd, Ste 271
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(760) 600-0417

Elena Bulatova, originally from Russia now is an international artist who resides permanently in Palm Springs with forays into Miami Beach during Art Basel and other locations for exhibitions. Bulatova began painting at a young age, and the arts were an integral part of her childhood. She sang in the choir, played violin and piano in music school, and the violin in chamber orchestra “In Russia, it’s important that arts be part of your education,” Elena said. “Russia is big in the arts. We have a lot of museums, so when we traveled the first thing we see is art everywhere. I was close to art all my life.” As she grew older, Bulatova began incorporating other interests in public administration and economics. After graduating from Moscow State University with honors and golden medal in 2006, she was the only Russian student to receive the prestigious Fox fellowship in 2007 to attend Yale University in New Haven, Conn. Since arriving in Palm Springs few years ago, Bulatova has split her time between painting and working in her own gallery Elena Bulatova Fine Art in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Bulatova has become well known locally in Palm Springs as the talented painter who creates her widely-collected paintings at Elena Bulatova Studio Gallery in the Backstreet Art District of Palm Springs. During the past years, Bulatova was introduced to Palm Springs and now exhibits full time at her namesake gallery. Elena Bulatova Fine Art. Bulatova’s artistic career catapulted in California putting hundreds of her abstracts to important private and public collections around the globe during the last 3 years. Elena’s artworks are now in many private collections in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Russia. Elena was nominated by CV Independent readers as a winner in the nomination Best Local Visual Artist in their inaugural Best of Coachella Valley 2014-2015. Paintings of Elena Bulatova are included in the book "International Contemporary Masters Volume VII" presenting the work of artists and trends in art all over the world. She is a recipient of prestigious Fox fellowship at Yale university, as well as a stipend from French Government in 2004 and admittance to Science Po.

Art Gallery Near Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas

Gallery Of Fine Art At Bellagio
Distance: 0.4 mi Competitive Analysis
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 693-7111

Latin Vibes
Distance: 0.2 mi Competitive Analysis
3771 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(520) 208-1506

Bellagio Butterfly & Flower Conservatory
Distance: 0.4 mi Competitive Analysis
Bellagio Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Michael Godard Art Gallery
Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3700 W Flamingo Rd, Ste 212
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 363-4278

Michael Godard Oh My God...ard! These are usually the first words out of peoples' mouths when they view Michael Godard's artwork. Godard, known as the "Rock Star of the Art World" is currently the best selling artist in the U.S. Since childhood Godard has had paint flowing thru his veins. He attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas for Fine Arts and later attended The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Godard has been featured on Television in HBO's Cat House, A&E's Cris Angel's Mind Freak, American Casino, Inked, and a myriad of other media. A documentary film, "Behind the Artist: Michael Godard" on A&E network won numerous awards. His Book, "Don't Drink and Draw", the art and life of Michael Godard, was awarded Art Book of the Year. Godard's work is highly collected by movie stars, rock stars, private collectors, from young to old from all walks of life. Godard's imaginative world of art is seen by millions of people each month world wide. His paintings even adorn the walls of the officer's lounge in the Pentagon and Arnold Shwarzenegger's home. Godard's world of art invites us in to his lighthearted perspective of life that surrounds us, mirroring our lives through martinis with animated olives, drunken grapes, dancing strawberries, including his own vices of gambling and the good life. Godard's unique portrayal of fun is an exciting combination of imagination and often subtle humor which evoke and engage the creative side in "Olive" us. His paintings have taken the conservative art world and turned it on its heel redefining art as we know it with boldness and satirical humor with a punch line. Today Michael Godard is considered one of the most prolific and influential artists of our time.

Peter Lik Gallery
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
Mandalay Place Shoppes
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Martin Lawrence Galleries Las Vegas
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
3500 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 991-5990

Founded in 1975, Martin Lawrence Galleries specializes in original paintings, sculpture and limited edition graphics. The gallery is distinguished by works of art by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Erté, Liudmila Kondakova, Kerry Hallam, Philippe Bertho, Robert Deyber, François Fressinier, René Lalonde, Felix Mas, Takashi Murakami and many others.

The Art of Music Mandalay Bay
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
3930 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 597-9401

EC Gallery Forum Shops
Distance: 0.7 mi Competitive Analysis
3500 Las Vegas Blvd S , Suite T17
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 432-1154

Exclusive Collections Gallery opened at the Forum Shops in the Feb, 2012, in a beautiful location on the 3rd floor. EC Gallery brings artists to interact with their fans for exciting red-carpet shows and elite artist appearances by national masters.

Jeff Mitchum Galleries
Distance: 0.4 mi Competitive Analysis
3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 304-0007

Jeff Mitchum Galleries at both MGM Grand and Bellagio feature an eclectic collection of fine art photography from internationally acclaimed landscape photographer, Jeff Mitchum. He is known for capturing the stunning beauty of nature and dramatic landscape through the use of natural light and bringing it to people’s everyday lives through his world-class panoramic photography. Known as the Ansel Adams of color, Jeff's original pieces have graced the Smithsonian Institute and the Getty Museum.

William Carr Gallery
Distance: 1.3 mi Competitive Analysis
3377 Las Vegas Blvd S. Ste 2732
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 202-3949

The thomadro Art Gallery
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
3650 W Tropicana Ave, Bldg E
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 891-9797

The thomadro Art Gallery ( opened by well known Hawaii/Vegas artist thomadro, features the inspired works of many accomplished local and mainland artists. The wide range of styles and mediums assembled at the gallery is unique in Hawaii and make for an art collector’s paradise. “The inspiration for this gallery was to display fine art and high craft of artists who are amazing, inventive, and prominent. They are also friends of mine,” said madro, “the space provides a unique display forum in which each artist and the work is properly shown. This gallery brings the art to life.” This gallery is housed in the Haleiwa Town Center in beautiful and historic Haleiwa Town. It features the artwork of its namesake, thomadro, and a select group of other outstanding artists including: Jim Russi, Mary Beth, Trey Surtees, Steven Smeltzer, Kim McDonald, Norm Daniels, Mark Donnelly, Pete Tillack, Lori Wylie and Mark Remling. The styles vary from traditional oils on canvas to high tech metal paintings, surf photography to ceramic sculpture, bronze sculpture to carved glass. Also featured is thomadro’s latest creative development – the illuminARTi society paintings. These are a first in the art world using resins, acrylics, metallic and photo-luminescent chemicals on canvas to create a totally unique visual experience that must be seen to be appreciated. “This gallery is unlike any other of its kind,” said thom. “We’ve created a space that is both open and welcoming, while at the same time, shows the true spirit of each piece of artwork. It is a friendly and most of all fun gallery. Coming through our doors and visiting us will be an experience that will be fondly remembered.”

Galleria Arte Fino
Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
6649 Las Vegas Blvd S, Ste B-117
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 929-2444

Galleria Arte Fino, Las Vegas Valley’s premier art gallery launches in the heart of Town Square. The gallery features hand selected master artists from around the world, including originals paintings, sculptures and prints; the majority of which are published by gallery operator and owner, Oscar Martinez. Oscar Martinez, a Cuban- American with 25 years of gallery experience on the Vegas Strip, has seen the gallery industry through the best and worst of times. Martinez brings fresh artwork in a contemporary format; “If everyone is going left, I’m going right” Martinez said. At Galleria Arte Fino, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in culture and luxury while viewing elegant works of art. As a collector himself, Martinez understands the passion and happiness that we find when we bring fine art into our lives. Galleria Arte Fino truly has something for everyone’s taste and budget. The experienced team of fine art consultants helps bring beauty into homes of all styles. Galleria Arte Fino is excited to showcase its unique brand to a public that may be experiencing this level of art for the first time. The scale and magnitude of the meticulous work found at Galleria Arte Fino is sure to be the focal point of attraction at Town Square.

Afa Gallery
Distance: 1.4 mi Competitive Analysis
3200 LAS VEGAS BLVD 89109
Las Vegas, NV

Centaur Art Galleries
Distance: 0.6 mi Competitive Analysis
4345 Dean Martin Dr, Ste 200
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 737-1234

At Centaur Art Galleries you will find a very friendly and knowledgeable staff that will expertly guide you through our vast selection of amazing art. Our collection of original art covers the 16th Century all the way through to today. Our collection includes original Picasso's, Dali's, Renoir's, Rembrandt's the list is almost endless. Everything in our gallery comes with a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a 5 year exchange privilege.

MVP - Art of Music
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
3930 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 597-1121

Art of Music Rio
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
3700 W Flamingo Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 380-1303

Optical Panacea
Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89101

(310) 985-1710

Optical Panacea is cutting edge, high-end art that blends the imagery of a background photo with a series of action shots of an athlete. Creating the artwork through the merging of these images composes a unique story. Created by visionary photographer Sam Hon of Honfoto, Optical Panacea is iconic imagery of athletes in motion, and this photographic storytelling is one of a kind.

Cj Stone Gallery
Distance: 1.5 mi Competitive Analysis
5525 S Valley View Blvd, Ste 2
Las Vegas, NV 89118-2447

(702) 736-7263

Retail and Consumer Merchandise Near Elena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas

Artee Fabrics and Home Las Vegas
Distance: 0.6 mi Competitive Analysis
4305 Dean Martin Dr #165 (Between Flamingo and Tropicana)
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 463-9500

We have a large collection of fabrics on the bolt that you can take with you. No need to wait for days to receive your fabric. New fabrics in all categories have been added to our stock. Browse through the latest collections of cottons, silks, linens, blends and polyesters, in solids, plaids and stripes, embroideries, prints. You will be amazed! In addition to fabrics and trims we have a large collection of carefully chosen accessories that will complement your fabric and will find a great place in your home or as a gift to someone special. If you need an in home consult our designers will be able to accommodate you at a nominal charge that will be applied to your purchase. We look forward to meeting you in person at the store and help you select fabrics, furniture or accessories.

CIGR8 Electronic Cigarettes
Distance: 0.6 mi Competitive Analysis
3237 W Tompkins Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 906-1806

Here at CIGR8 we put great pride into our electronic cigarettes. We adhere to one simple principle everyday: produce the best tasting, highest quality e-cig available. Every step of the way, we work tirelessly to ensure that our e-juice produces luscious, excellent tasting vapor that will leave you satisfied and looking forward to your next experience. From rechargeable to disposable, casual to daily smoker, our line of high quality products is made to satisfy your every e-cig need. The GR8 Life. Right Now.

Old Vegas Chips
Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
1611 Spring Gate Lane, Box 371214
Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 804-5081

Old Vegas Chips is a great source to get casino chips for every occasion, as well as authentic cancelled casino dice and playing cards that were actually used in play at the casino. Also an excellent place to get a wide variety of poker supplies for a home game from chips and dealer buttons to felts, cards, dice, play money and more!

Fight Museum Las Vegas
Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 460-4444

At The Fight Museum our mission – and our passion - is to preserve and honor the rich heritages of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Strategically located in the ‘Fight Capital of the World’ Las Vegas, Nevada, Fight Museum pays tribute to warriors past and present who fought with pride and dignity.

Silver State Case Company
Distance: 1.4 mi Competitive Analysis
5435 S. Procyon St., Ste 200
Las Vegas, NV 89118

(844) 243-8500

Silver State Case Company has its roots in the Trade Show/Convention Industry. Established in Las Vegas, NV, we have a long standing relationship with some of the largest Exhibit and Trade Show companies in the world. Working with these companies, we design and create some of the best solutions for transporting and protecting any valuable exhibit equipment. There is no project we can’t handle!

Zombie Apocalypse Store Las Vegas
Distance: 1.5 mi Competitive Analysis
3420 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

(866) 784-7882

What's Your Zombie? Earthquakes, Tsunamis, The Government, Zombies? Be prepared for zombies and be prepared for anything! OPEN Monday-Sunday 10-9PM