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2B Living, San Bruno CA | Nearby Businesses

125 San Luis Ave
San Bruno, CA 94066

(650) 763-8552

We choose to manage and rent apartments in vibrant, fun, energetic neighborhoods in the Bay Area. We design our apartments to complement your active, neighborhood centered life. Our hope is that your wonderful tenant experience will find you in and outside of your new home.

Property Management Near 2B Living

Realty World Advance Group
Distance: 0.3 mi Competitive Analysis
109 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066-4946

(650) 266-9928

Real estate service excellence through knowledge, dedication and teamwork. Integrity – We deliver on our commitments while maintaining the highest moral and professional standards Teamwork – We align personal and departmental agendas to achieve overall company success Dedication – We make it our personal responsibility to carry out our Mission Accountability – We are committed to performance, results, and achievement of our measurable goals Healthy Debate – We raise concerns, offer solutions, and value people who support the final decision

Welsh Family Partnership
Distance: 0.1 mi Competitive Analysis
1084 Avenue E
San Bruno, CA 94066-1518

(650) 952-5214

Boardwalk Investments
Distance: 0.8 mi Competitive Analysis
715 El Camino Real, Ste 212
San Bruno, CA 94066

(650) 355-5556

Boardwalk Investments Property Management has established a higher standard for property management that is unsurpassed by our competition. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Areas We Service: San Francisco Daly City Brisbane South San Francisco San Bruno Millbrae Burlingame San Mateo Belmont Foster City San Carlos Redwood City Pacifica & Coastside Here are just a few of the many services we provide: LEASING Internet marketing to find qualified tenants Thorough screening process for all applicants. Current, industry standard leases and forms PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Collecting rents, paying bills Online simplified accounting statement Dealing with routine and emergency maintenance issues Providing you with peace of mind! WHAT WE DO AS YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER Provide leasing and property management Complete screening/background check provided by screening company Annual leases prepared by law firm specializing in landlord/tenant law Online accounts and document system to review your statement and more! Expand your reach with our expansive internet marketing for rental properties BENEFITS OF USING BOARDWALK INVESTMENTS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT No management headaches! Industry leading marketing tools 24/7 maintenance request handling Vacancies filled quickly to qualified tenants Industry specific local knowledge CA BRE#: 00623134

Equity Office Properties
Distance: 1.2 mi Competitive Analysis
1100 Grundy Ln Ste 135
San Bruno, CA 94066

(650) 952-1368

Nunan Properties
Distance: 1.5 mi Competitive Analysis
881 Sneath Ln
San Bruno, CA 94066-2408

(650) 871-8105

Company Near 2B Living

Omine Karate Dojo
Distance: 0.3 mi Competitive Analysis
356 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

(650) 589-8018

Riot Artists EFT
Distance: 0.8 mi Competitive Analysis
PO Box 280786
San Francisco, CA 94128

(650) 595-2274

Eye for Talent Representatives West Coast USA and International Bill Smith | 650.595.2274 | [email protected] Northwest USA Charlene Coleman | 650.654.1790 | [email protected] East Coast & Midwest USA Linda Handelsman | 812.558.0890 | [email protected] Southern USA Manny Flores| 915.222.9130 | [email protected]

Image Editing Outsourcing
Distance: 0.9 mi Competitive Analysis
4293 Rardin Dr San Bruno, CA 94066
San Bruno, CA 94066

(760) 854-8422

Image Editing Service has made a stride as leading outsourcing clipping path service provider in the Bangladesh. We do 100% quality Photoshop clipping paths, Photoshop Masking, Photo Retouching, Rater to Vector, Image Shadowing etc. Image Editing Service is a pioneer offshore company & our main specialties are Image Editing, Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Raster to vector and Ad design. We reduce your cost and add the working hour with your existing productivity. We have a very well organized team which is bejeweled by the expert designers who are from very high educational background and expert on their sectors. Image Editing Service takes pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. We are efficient enough because we can meet your demand within your deadline and budget with quality that only you seek. Image Editing Service Provide: Image Manipulation/ Editing: * Clipping Path/ silo * Layer mask * Channel mask/ Soft Mask/ Alpha Mask * Retouching * Shadow Creation( Natural/Original, Drop, Reflection) * Expert Hair clipping etc. * Raster to Vactor Price for Image Editing: --------------------------- * Clipping Path start from usd 0.60$ to usd: 6$ * Retouching start from usd: 3$ to usd: 7$ * Image Masking start from usd 0.70$ to usd: 8$ * Vactor Image ways * color correction usd: 1.30$ only Creative Design: * Logo recreat * Clipart/ Artwork * Banner Design * Brochure Design * Corporate ID * Greeting Card * Add. Design * Newspaper/ Magazine Add. Design * Newspaper/ Magazine Page Makeup. Web Design and Development: * Web Template Design * Psd to HTML * CMS Customize etc.

Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
1111 Bayhill Dr, Ste 400
San Bruno, CA 94066

(888) 665-2765

GSAmart - quickly and easily browse GSA-schedule test, IT, laboratory, medical, security and technical equipment by top sellers, manufacturer or product category TestMart - find the latest test and measurement equipment from leading manufacturers offering discounts to US government and contractors GovContracts - share information about Federal contract business opportunities, GSA contract management, government news and insights

Distance: 1.0 mi Competitive Analysis
1111 Bayhill Dr, Ste 400
San Bruno, CA 94066

(888) 665-2765

Even those industries without explicit standards benefit from having IT professionals certified in a variety of IT disciplines. Both established and new IT professionals will benefit by keeping certification current, providing the expertise needed to advance your career. TrainTestCert is your one-stop online marketplace for IT certification training, testing and continuing education from partners such as CompTIA, Certiport, Logical Operations, Transcender, and Wiley.

Reliable Staffing San Francisco
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
1001 Bayhill Dr, Fl 2nd, # 232
San Bruno, CA 94066

(415) 437-9675

Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
1101 Bayhill Dr 2nd Fl
San Bruno, CA 94066

We Buy Houses and We Will Buy Any Real Estate for Cash Quickly. Foreclosure avoidance Divorce Job transfer Unexpected property inheritance Downsizing Retiring

Union Made Creative
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
5835 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90232

(323) 297-3074

S&s construction
Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
313 Santa Paula AV
Millbrae, CA 94116

Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
221 Pine St, Fl Sixth
San Francisco, CA 94122

(800) 279-7754

Distance: 1.1 mi Competitive Analysis
1150 Bayhill Dr, # 307
San Bruno, CA 94066

(800) 494-3106

CareLinx is a nationwide professional caregiver marketplace, empowering families to easily find, hire, manage and pay caregivers who match their specific needs and budget online. CareLinx is saving families up to 50% verses traditional brick and mortar franchise agencies, while professional caregivers are earning higher wages. The CareLinx platform helps families and caregivers easily manage all the administrative tasks of their caregiving needs via it’s web & mobile solutions; including scheduling, time tracking, care coordination and payroll processing. CareLinx ensures that families and caregivers comply with all state and federal employment laws and regulations. Caregivers on CareLinx are vetted and have passed a comprehensive background check. Caregivers are bonded and insured via Lloyd's of London when paid through the CareLinx platform. CareLinx is specifically designed for helping patients with chronic conditions and the elderly in need of caregiving services. CareLinx is currently operating in the top 50 metropolitan cities with over 85,000 professional caregivers ranging from CNA's, MA's, LVN's and RN's. CareLinx won the AARP consumer vote at their national conference and has been featured in ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’, PBS, TIME, AARP Magazine, INC., Forbes, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg and more.

InQuira Inc.
Distance: 1.2 mi Competitive Analysis
900 Cherry Ave Fl 6
San Bruno, CA 94066

(855) 246-0600

InQuira Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise knowledge applications for multi-channel customer support, social CRM and sales enablement. InQuira was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in San Bruno, CA, with offices in Los Angeles, Orlando, New York, and London. More information about InQuira is available at

Distance: 1.2 mi Competitive Analysis
1100 Grundy Ln, Ste 110
San Bruno, CA 94066

(952) 683-7900

Video is the new document. Qumu Corporation provides the tools businesses need to create, manage, secure, distribute and measure the success of their videos. Qumu's innovative solutions release the power in video to engage and empower employees, partners and clients. Qumu helps thousands of organizations around the world realize the greatest possible value from video and other rich content they create and publish. Whatever the audience size, viewer device or network configuration, Qumu solutions are how business does video. Additional information can be found at

Distance: 1.2 mi Competitive Analysis
San Bruno, CA 94066

YouTube是設立在美国的一個影片分享網站,讓使用者上載、觀看及分享及評論影片。公司於2005年2月15日註冊,網站的口號為「Broadcast Yourself」(表現你自己),網站的標誌意念來自早期電視顯示器(阴极射线管)。2005年,YouTube由雅科夫·拉皮茨基、查得·賀利、台灣裔美國人陳士駿等人創立,後者作为网站创始者亦是YouTube最早片《我在動物園》(Me at the zoo)的拍攝者,2006年11月,Google公司以16.5億美元收購了YouTube,並把其當做一間子公司來經營。Google公司最初对于如何通过YouTube盈利,一直保持非常谨慎的态度。被收購後的YouTube依然風靡全球網民。花旗銀行分析師認爲,以2012年整年計算,Google可能从YouTube获得24亿美元的净收入。无Google账号的用户仍可以直接觀看YouTube中的视频,但无法上传视频及無法留言。註冊用戶則可以無限數量上傳影片。當影片多次被舉報,經過審查,核實後,含有暴力的内容可能會被定為“18歲以上註冊用户可以觀看”,而色情内容以及侵犯版权的内容(比如仍在上映或发行影碟的电影,电视剧或动画片)將會被刪除,另外也禁止特定的買賣視頻。加利福尼亞州聖布里諾是YouTube總公司的所在,網站藉由HTML5影片來播放各式各樣由上傳者製成的影片內容,包括電影剪輯、電視短片、预告片、音樂錄影帶等,以及其他上傳者自製的業餘影片,如VLOG、原創的影片等。大部分YouTube的上傳者為個人,但也有一些媒體公司如哥倫比亞廣播公司、英國廣播公司、VEVO以及其他團體與YouTube有合作夥伴計劃,上傳自家公司所錄製的影片。時至今日它已經成為影音網站的翹楚,不單在影音娛樂市場上吸引觀眾,又成功把龐大流量轉變為社群平台,並激發許多受歡迎的博主造就網上創作產業,例如每年YouTube名人的演出等收看人數與廣告收入都相當驚人,同時企業則申請官方號用作廣告與線上傳媒渠道、NGO的推廣公關…等等,成為又一段矽谷文化新創成功的經營典範,當然也是因為谷歌的硬體支援,才能承受龐大的資訊量而發展起來,還有恰好的創業時機換來的知名度與其報紅效應。儘管目前有大量用戶支持,但同類型網站激烈競爭下內容生產更變得重要,因此近幾年眼光開始轉向網上知名製作者,YouTube對這些擁有數百萬訂閱的人十分器重,並聯繫博主來提供獎盃回饋與官方聚會活動邀請、以及更高的薪資分紅等等(這類職業化的博客經營者被稱為Youtuber),追求高點擊率已經成為了許多人獲取財富的方式之一,第一個突破十億點閱率的男歌手是PSY,第一個突破十億點閱率的女歌手則是姬蒂·佩芮。2015年9月,PewDiePie成为第一个观看次数超过100亿次的YouTube频道。

NanHai Art
Distance: 1.3 mi Competitive Analysis
510 Broadway
Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 259-2120

NanHai Art is a branch of Nanhai Co. Inc. NanHai Art focuses on introducing the masterpieces of contemporary Chinese artists that best reflect the unique innate aesthetic and cultural values of Chinese art, which transcends geographic and cultural boundaries and touches the chord of art lovers East and West. About NanHai Co. Inc. History NanHai Co. Inc., founded in San Francisco in 1986, currently headquartered in Millbrae with offices in Santa Clara, CA and Kirkland, WA. Through the years, Nanhai has developed into a premier showcase of Chinese arts and trusted educational resource by providing countless outstanding programs reflecting the Chinese heritage. Values We believe the Chinese cultural heritage passed down thousands of years has universal values. We believe cross-cultural interchange, especially bridging east and west, will bring us a better world. We believe dripping water hollows out stone through persistence. Mission NanHai’s mission is to preserve and promote the Chinese heritage, share the unique value, ethics and aesthetic of Chinese arts and culture with the American public, and bridge east and west.

Mastermind DJ Entertainment
Distance: 1.3 mi Competitive Analysis
501 Broadway, # 1547
Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 200-0579

We cover the details with you until you are 100% comfortable with the plan for our services. If you’re a little uncertain of how to pull off an all-star event, don’t worry — we’ve entertained and emcee’d at hundreds of successful receptions. We’re not called MASTERMINDS for nothing. We’re a Bay Area DJ and Event Management services that is ready to make your dreams come true. We have thousands of music ready for every taste. Whether you like Top 40, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Latin or everything in between, we’re sure to have the tunes to rock the place. We don’t just play music, we’re all about the art of mixing so you’ll be sure to get a enjoyable experience that you and your guests will remember. About: What’s important to us is that we provide you with a unique experience that you and your guests will enjoy from start to finish. The idea is to take the stress from you by listening to your ideas so that we can craft an event that you will always remember. Services: We provide services for receptions of any size. Our entertainment is tailored to your tastes. Our pre-reception meeting with you is detailed, and focused on what is needed to make your event unique. The idea is to have a plan which we follow to deliver to entertain you and your guests. It’s your event and the music is tailored to your particular request as is the theme of the party. We can perform a basic party or an extravaganza but no matter how small or how big, the experience will be no less than 100% quality. From our personable customer service, to the sound you’ll experience, for us it’s all in the details. It’s not just a job for us, it’s a passion to deliver the very best experience. Weddings Corporate Events City Events Private Events School Parties mastermind dj and event management service bay areaEvent Planning We’ll meet face-to-face to determine a timeline of events for your reception. We listen carefully and document every detail, every expectation. We follow-up via voice calls, email, and you’re even welcome to text us with quick inquiries. We are at your service, dedicated to the success of your special event. Add-On Options We offer gorgeous Up-lighting and Gobo Monogram Lighting to add special distinction to your reception. For added fun, we offer a sophisticated Photo Booth that includes high-end digital images, access to props, and super-fast printing of your guests’ photos. Our Photo Booths can accommodate 7-8 people comfortably, and we provide an attendant. Sound System: A Powerful Sound System Rich, clear sound at any volume. Whether seated near or far, all guests will enjoy crystal clear sound from our top of the line sound system. We have two 18 inch subwoofers which can push as much bass as the party requires. Wireless PA System A wireless microphone allows any speakers to stand comfortably when speaking to the other guests. Dance Floor Lighting The music draws your guests to the dance floor, then the lighting ignites the party. Dedicated Entertainment We’ll play music and maintain all aspects of your entertainment package from the time your event starts until your last guest leaves the venue. Master of Ceremonies We’re happy to emcee your event, making all necessary announcements and helping to keep the reception organized and running

Comax Realty, Inc.
Distance: 1.3 mi Competitive Analysis
475 El Camino Real, Ste 417
Millbrae, CA 94030

(650) 692-2323

Our goal is to exceed the customer's expectations every time. We consider every transaction an opportunity to educate the client on what is often a confusing process. We look for ways to make things happen and no matter how complicated the transaction, we never give up. Our reputation for being perserverant, trustworthy and patient is the reason people return to us and refer us again and again. BUYERS! Home ownership is the American Dream and you are about to embark on an exciting process. One of the main advantages of home ownership over renting is that your interest payments are tax deductible. Your home will be one of your largest assets and most likely will appreciate in value over the life of your ownership. We are knowledgeable agents who know how to get the job done, get a good deal and are responsive to all your real estate needs. Providing you prompt service, personal guidance and professional competence from contract to settlement. SELLERS! Allow us to list your home for a quick sale. As real estate specialists, we know what it takes to sell your home. You will have the opportunity to see the enthusiasm, energy and dedication that we bring to the Real Estate marketplace! We prepare a comparative market analysis of your home. We prepare properties for sale including having them cleaned, painted and staged. We can provide an enormous resource of services to get your property ready to sell. We are members of the San Francisco and San Mateo Real Estate Board & Multiple Listing Service. We have great relations with lenders, appraisers and all other people involved in buying and selling real estate. We have established closed relationships with many successful agents throughout the Bay Area. We are networks, effectively selling each others listings. This will help you by having your property shown to qualified buyers and making sales happen. We will verbally keep in touch with you and provide a written report every 1-2 weeks to fully inform you of all our work and the marketing done on your behalf to that date. If you are planning to place your home on the market, browse our website for valuable information on preparing your home for sale, pricing your home right, marketing it effectively and the home inspection processes. We are passionate about our job, love our neighborhoods and keep up with the latest trends and strategies so that we can pass them on to our clients. Your satisfaction is our success! My Dream, My Home.... COMAX REALTY, INC.

Expert Promos
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423 Broadway, # 611
Millbrae, CA 94030

(800) 486-2449 is a new acquisition hosting the Promotional Products branch of Mediapoint Group. developed out of a decade of marketing experience and customer service analytics, refined into a streamlined promotional resource for the overburdened marketing manager.

AllStore Center Self Storage + Parking
Distance: 1.4 mi Competitive Analysis
345 Shaw Rd
South San Francisco, CA 94080

(650) 873-8020

Some of the features you will find include: • 24hr CCTV recording • Individual storage door alarms • Computerized gate access • Completely fenced & lighted • On-site resident manager • Access 7 days a week • Wide driveways & loading areas • Major credit cards accepted